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ERFFL - Elizabethtown Rotary Fantasy Football League


Something so frivilous as a Fantasy Football Team doesn't, at first thought, seem to merit its own page on the Club website, but anything that lasts more than 2 decades can't be all bad!  ERFFL is probably the origin of our tongue-in-cheek motto:  "E-town Rotary-- a gambling club with a service problem!"  ERFFL members will pony up an annual team fee, study up for a live player draft each year, pay fines that benefit a club charity, support all the other "risky business" we concoct, and all in the name of Rotary Fun and Service! 

A telling fact-- of the 17 members who were winners in the past 23 years, all but 2 are still active with the club!    Leadership has something to do with it, too, Joe Rebman was the Commissioner for 9 years, took two off with Dave Schmidt filling in, and now Joe is back.  The league started small, continues to grow, and now with the addition of Monday meeting members, is at 24 teams in 2 conferences. 

This isn't a "good ol' boys" club-- some of our ladies are fierce competitors!  

If you are interested in getting involved in the 2024-2025 season, contact Commissioner Joe ... so he can put you on the "franchise acquisition" list.  Oh, by the way, the season ending celebration party is a blast! 


R U Ready For Some Football?