Douglas W. Pfautz Memorial Scholarship Fund

A generous contribution from UGI Utilities, Inc, in memory of beloved employee Douglas W. Pfautz, began the fund to memorialize this public servant who loved Elizabethtown.  His committment is detailed in the biographical material below.
The  scholarship program rewards young people who emulate his example, and who are traveling on the path to a lifelong commitment of “Service Above Self”—the Rotary motto that also defined the life of Doug Pfautz.
Doug Pfautz was a wonderful husband and family man. He was a highly valued employee of the UGI Corporation, and an active member of St. Peter's Catholic Church. He was President of the Elizabethtown Borough Council, on the Library Board, and involved in many other organizations and projects over the years, all designed to make Elizabethtown a better place to live. Doug was a model community servant. He was also a Past President of the Elizabethtown Rotary Club, and he was our good friend.
Thanks to a generous donation from the UGI Corporation, the Rotary Club of Elizabethtown is pleased to sponsor a scholarship program that does more than just keep Doug's name before us. The UGI Corporation, in making a substantial donation to kick off the program, specified that the money must be used for a scholarship in Doug's memory, and to further the academic career of young people who emulate his example. 
To be considered for the Douglas W. Pfautz Memorial Scholarship, applicants must be of good moral character and have a high sense of integrity. They must evidence, by their record of civic activities, a commitment to community service that will be sustained throughout their lives, whatever vocational path they pursue.
Eligibility Requirements:
1. Be residents within the Elizabethtown Area School District, attending public or private school institutions.
2. Be in good academic standing.
3. Provide a statement explaining why they feel they should be considered for the scholarship.
4. Provide a statement describing their community involvement, with verification by an adult who supervised their service activity.
5. Provide a statement from the applicant's Guidance Counselor or other school advisor, attesting to their character. 
At least one award in the minimum amount of $500 will be presented annually. Additional awards, and increased amounts, will be made at the discretion of the committee, based on available monies. 
The applications must be completed online through The Foundation for Enhancing Communities webportal by March 15th.  Follow the link below.
Award History...
Year         Recipients
2007   Anika Brill & Rachael Caskey
2008   Benjamin S. Gotwalt 
2009   Colin D. Dinsmore &  Kelly Dolan  
2011   Alana Krieger , Michael Scott Bridgehouse ,Lindsay Jane Royer, Sarabeth Royer 
2012   Emily Hornung  &  Ryan Brubaker 
2013   Elizabeth Reiner, Emily Yarnell, Cassandra Zaiac, Alice Greider
2014   Emily Klonicki 
2015   Audrey McBride & Christina Watson
2016   Santino Buonamici & Austin Shirk
2017   Teresa Ramsey & Taylor Zerphey
2018   Emma Lown & Hannah McConnell