Hurricane Katrina was an extremely destructive and deadly Category 5 hurricane that caused catastrophic damage along the Gulf coast from central Florida to Texas in late August 2005.  
Joining Hands was organized in 2006 as disaster response a joint mission of Rotary District 7390, and Evangelical Lutheran Churches from the Lower Susquehanna Synod and Northeastern Iowa Synod in order to help families in the Biloxi, Mississippi area rebuild their homes and lives from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  Elizabethtown Rotarians Ralph Detrick, Debbie Dupler, and Bill Davis, along with Ralph's wife Joyce Stolzfus participated in several trips as part of the Joining Hands missions.
The first trip was in Feb of 2007 when Deb Dupler and Ralph Detrick from our club joined a number of other Rotarians from our district in a week long mission.
We painted the inside of a house as our part of a weeks long project.
And here are some photos from the trip Joyce and Ralph took with Peg Sennett in March of 2009 with another group of Rotarians from our district. We did dry wall and painting.   We worked on a house that was completed enough that we participated in the celebration ceremony dedication. As a pastor, Joyce was asked to participate by giving a blessing and a prayer .